Crystal Tower Lights


As one of the oldest buildings in downtown Roanoke, Virginia, the Crystal Tower is an historic structure that hearkens to another time. From the garrisoned roof to the hitching-post in the basement, the old Ponce de Leon hotel continues to carry it’s allure of the past.

On a recent photo-walk with my daughter, I wanted to show her the old dirt floor and spring where the horses and masters of old would relax and have a much-needed drink after the tiresome mountain trek into the valley. But these are new days. While the spring and hitch have been preserved, the old dirt floor has been replaced with new construction and the dark, shadowy basement is now bathed in new wall-to-wall light.

On our way out, the mixing warm and cool of incandescent and fluorescent light grabbed our attention so we decided to stop for a few bracketed exposures, resulting in the image above. Oh, it’s nothing I’m sure. But we still had fun trying to come up with a name. Not sure what the strange lights overhead are supposed to be, but we like to (jokingly) refer to it around here as the Crytal Tower UFO…

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