Photofocus Interview

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For those interested in learning a little more about my background in photography, I sat down recently with fellow Photofocus writer and mentor Robert Vanelli in September at the Photoshop World 2014 conference in Las Vegas for a nice conversation and interview.

Please feel free to stop by and give a listen here at your leisure and, as always, thanks much for stopping by. Catch you next time :).

Note: Vanelli is a photographer, educator and author living in Florida. As the lead photographer for Exposure Photographic Art Studio, he has had the opportunity of capturing images of special VIP’s, including the President of the United States, former president of Toyota / Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda and various martial arts legends. Currently he is teaching workshops, photographing for Inside Lacrosse Magazine, writing for Photofocus and creating tutorials for various plug-in companies and for the Vanelli and Friends series.

To view more of Mark’s work, please click here. For more articles and tutorials, please click here.

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