Late Summer Color


With the rest of the family over at their grandmother’s place, busy helping prepare for a summer’s end neighborhood yard sale, Chase (our trusty sunset-chasing companion) and I decided to make our way out in search of evening color along the Blue Ridge Parkway, near our home in Roanoke VA.

Watching him pounce around like a deer in the tall grass is always a sight to behold. One day, I’ll actually remember to capture a mid-hop shot of him for you, cracks me up every time..






We were blessed with a very nice sky, though, which dramatically aided in our endeavor. Feel free to click on any image to view in full resolution, if so desired. Thanks for visiting, as always..



mark-morrow-profile-onone-web-sqMark Morrow is a practicing Virginia-based photographer specializing in real estate and architectural projects, as well as commercial product and portraiture.

As an avid student of the craft, Mark enjoys sharing insight and inspiration here on his Blog, as well as his Podcast and as a contributing author with Photofocus. To view more of Mark’s work, please click here.


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