Restoring Scanned Slides and Negatives

If you’ve had the pleasure of converting film slides of days gone by to the digital format, you may have experienced that bittersweet feeling of excitement mingled with a tinge of disappointment upon first viewing the dust, debris and tiny fibers accumulated by storage over the years in the scanned result.

Building on a recent post, Digitally Converting Slides and Negatives with Jumbl, in this video tutorial we’ll take a look at a few simple techniques to help reverse the ravages of time and bring new life back to these important keepsakes by way of Adobe Photoshop.

In Summary:

  • Common color casts of Kodachrome vs Fujichrome
  • Correcting Purple color casting via White Balance adjustment
  • Hue/Saturation color-shifting and de-saturation
  • Highlight & Shadow adjustments
  • Noise Reduction and Edge Sharpening
  • Straightening Images via Lens Corrections
  • Restoring color and detail via Graduated Filters
  • Enhancing Depth of Field via creative Tilt-Shift Blur
  • Enhancing color and detail via single-image HDR in Photomatix Pro

Thanks for visiting, as always. Should you have any questions along the way, please leave them in the comments section below or feel free to drop me a line at

Happy restoring. Look forward to catching you next time.

backinthesaddle2016 Mark Morrow is a Virginia-based photographer and digital content creator specializing in a variety of domestic and commercial projects.

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