Reflecting Roanoke

The week between the Christmas and New Year holiday is generally a quiet one in the downtown Roanoke region. Save a few local residents enjoying the week off, along with a few stragglers already back at work (such as myself), the normally busy streets and alleyways can provide a veritable wealth of stoic charm and tranquility.

After several days of bone-chilling temperatures coupled with a few soaking rains, the many puddles dotting the historic cobblestone district never cease to amaze in reflecting a peaceful and unique angle on our small mountain town.

Thank you for stopping by, as always. With 2016 in the books and very thankfully so, hoping you all enjoyed an excellent Christmas break, from our house to yours. Here’s to a blessed and prosperous 2017 in the days and months to come.

Questions or comments? Feel free drop me a line at any time.

backinthesaddle2016Mark Morrow is a Virginia-based amateur photographer, media producer and writer specializing in a variety of commercial and domestic projects. Click here to view more of Mark’s work.

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2 thoughts on “Reflecting Roanoke

  • How did you keep from blowing out the dynamic range?
    Your photo of Gracie, you kept the skin tones on her lovely face, in full sunlight, with properly exposed white snow, while you hung on to shadow details. I am impressed.
    How did you do that?


    • Thanks kindly, Bill. The initial capture is metered on the snow, and the sun was working very well in terms of angle. The final result required a little selective masking in post to combat color cast and pull off a balanced, realistic look. Much appreciate the good word.


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