Mini-Review: Fotodiox Pro Canon EF to Sony E-Mount Smart AF Lens Adapter

After making the jump earlier this year from Canon EF to the Sony Alpha full-frame mirrorless system, I found myself (along with many others in the same position) immediately in the market for a suitable adapter to accommodate existing Canon glass.

Having a good deal of experience using the $400 Metabones III and IV adapter systems, I decided to do a little research and set out to price a few alternatives. Within a few keystrokes I had located the Fotodiox EF-Sny(E) Fusion Smart AF Lens Mount Adapter which, in light of its considerably less expensive $99 price tag, quickly piqued my interest as to whether it could be the right tool for the job. Read more

Next Level Video – DJI OSMO Accessory Review

If you’re interested in adding smooth motion, cinematic video production to your skill set, the newly-released DJI Osmo is a must-have piece for the gear bag. As excellent as this tool is for FPV and interview work, adding a few key accessories can help take your creative vision to the next level.

In this tutorial, we’ll jump in and take a hands-on look at a couple of game-changing add-ons.

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A Hero’s Journey | Build Your Own GoPro PFD

A couple of years ago, a friend and I were tossing around ideas to more effectively capture the vibrant aquatic life and color residing in the creeks and streams of our area (the Blue Ridge mountain region of SW Virginia). After a little brainstorming, within minutes we had a prototype PFD (Personal Flotation Device) in-hand and quickly found ourselves headed out to a local mountain stream for a quick test.

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Camera Bag Metering


More often than not, when shooting in the mixed light of partially-shaded areas – such as under canopy or near water where available light can be a spotty mixture of shadow and highlight – it can be difficult at times to locate a neutral tone on which to meter an accurate exposure.  For this reason, seasoned shooters will typically carry a gray card in their bag to combat this common issue.

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Bringing Still Images to Life with Stop-Motion

Over the winter break this year, the kids and I were looking for a fun creative project that we could work on indoors together through the colder months. After a little thought, we decided to enlist a few Lego figures and start working on a small stop-motion video project.

Several days, hundreds of frames and zillions of tedious movements later, we found ourselves with a few minutes of final footage..

Personal projects are an excellent way to stretch and develop useful skills we might never acquire in the normal shooting routine. Read more

Review | STEADSNAP Camera Strap Tripod Adapter


Developed and constructed to bomb-proof spec by Toronto-based production specialist Dmitri Tchernomourov and medical photographer Yuri Markarov to hold up to the daily rigors of shooting in one of Toronto’s busiest hospitals, the SteadSnap camera-strap-tripod adapter is a brand new piece of gear designed to transport and transfer the camera on-and-off tripod confidently in a single move. Read more…

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Getting Started with Real Estate Photography



Every real estate listing agent and mortgage broker needs a good local photographer they can work with and trust with their client’s needs. Taking on a few real estate projects can be an excellent way for a new photographer to get established in the local market, build a portfolio and start adding to the revenue stream in a practical way.

While initially intending to lay out an overall bullet-list approach to the topic in general, the article quickly evolved into a small series in order to bridge the process with a bit more detail. Originally posted at, each segment is linked in order below for convenient access to anyone interested in learning more.

Part One — Exteriors



Part Two — Interiors



Part Three — Floor Plan Services



Part Four — Processing



Part Five — Virtual Tours & Pricing



Part Six — Video Services


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