Removing Unwanted Distractions with Adobe Camera Raw

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When I have an image unavoidably plagued with not-so-flattering distractions – such as the utility lines used in this example – sometimes there is no option but to remove them entirely. Here’s a quick video to help remove any unwanted objects and significantly clean up a composition by way of Adobe Camera Raw and the Spot Removal tool. Watch video

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Getting Started with Real Estate Photography



Every real estate listing agent and mortgage broker needs a good local photographer they can work with and trust with their client’s needs. Taking on a few real estate projects can be an excellent way for a new photographer to get established in the local market, build a portfolio and start adding to the revenue stream in a practical way.

While initially intending to lay out an overall bullet-list approach to the topic in general, the article quickly evolved into a small series in order to bridge the process with a bit more detail. Originally posted at, each segment is linked in order below for convenient access to anyone interested in learning more.

Part One — Exteriors



Part Two — Interiors



Part Three — Floor Plan Services



Part Four — Processing



Part Five — Virtual Tours & Pricing



Part Six — Video Services


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