Budget Macro – Exploring Reverse Ring Adapters

As with any specialized area of photography, the art of macro photography – that is, making images of objects at a very close range – is in a creative world of its own.

This is true not only in terms of the specialized gear required to tell a story at a true 1:1 scale, but even more so in regard to the patience and practice needed to produce a clear and consistent result.

In this article, we’ll explore a technique known as reverse lens macro and consider one economical approach to producing amazing close-up images by using a simple reverse ring adapter and a manually-operated lens. Read more

Bringing Still Images to Life with Stop-Motion

Over the winter break this year, the kids and I were looking for a fun creative project that we could work on indoors together through the colder months. After a little thought, we decided to enlist a few Lego figures and start working on a small stop-motion video project.

Several days, hundreds of frames and zillions of tedious movements later, we found ourselves with a few minutes of final footage..

Personal projects are an excellent way to stretch and develop useful skills we might never acquire in the normal shooting routine. Read more

Getting Started with Real Estate Photography



Every real estate listing agent and mortgage broker needs a good local photographer they can work with and trust with their client’s needs. Taking on a few real estate projects can be an excellent way for a new photographer to get established in the local market, build a portfolio and start adding to the revenue stream in a practical way.

While initially intending to lay out an overall bullet-list approach to the topic in general, the article quickly evolved into a small series in order to bridge the process with a bit more detail. Originally posted at Photofocus.com, each segment is linked in order below for convenient access to anyone interested in learning more.

Part One — Exteriors



Part Two — Interiors



Part Three — Floor Plan Services



Part Four — Processing



Part Five — Virtual Tours & Pricing



Part Six — Video Services


These are by no means intended as best practice for this work, but as one useful and proven approach to the process. If you or someone you know might benefit, please share freely. Thanks for stopping by. Questions? Drop me a line at mark@photofocus.com or connect on Facebook and Twitter.


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In for a Landing

R/C Pilot Vic Ingraham, Roanoke VA
R/C Pilot Vic Ingraham, Roanoke VA

Last weekend I happened upon this kind gentleman as he was unloading a rather large remote-controlled (R/C) glider from his vehicle.  His name is Vic Ingraham and he lives and works here in the Roanoke Valley.  I was curious if he would be opposed to my filming his launch (and what I could of his flight) with a GoPro-mounted Dji Phantom. More than interested to oblige, we quickly set up to shoot his take-off.

To do so, Vic firmly tosses the craft upward and forward, and engages a small electric motor to assist in climbing to altitude. He then turns off the motor and soars freely, sometimes for hours on end.

I’ll have more on my experience with the Dji Phantom in an upcoming post.  Here’s a short clip of Vic’s launch and surrounding scenery.

After roughly ten minutes of flight, having attempted in vain to chase Vic down with no FPV (first-person view) source, I decided to bag the quad and grab the camera as Vic was approaching to land.

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