Mini-Review: Fotodiox Pro Canon EF to Sony E-Mount Smart AF Lens Adapter

After making the jump earlier this year from Canon EF to the Sony Alpha full-frame mirrorless system, I found myself (along with many others in the same position) immediately in the market for a suitable adapter to accommodate existing Canon glass.

Having a good deal of experience using the $400 Metabones III and IV adapter systems, I decided to do a little research and set out to price a few alternatives. Within a few keystrokes I had located the Fotodiox EF-Sny(E) Fusion Smart AF Lens Mount Adapter which, in light of its considerably less expensive $99 price tag, quickly piqued my interest as to whether it could be the right tool for the job. Read more

Time-Share Castle – Corolla, NC

I love the challenges of shooting at the beach. Though I usually come back exhausted with a ton of cleaning in terms of sticky and gritty gear, I always learn a ton..

2015 presented a wealth of unexpected change in our humble household, apologies for the lack of presence on the Blog. Turning over a new leaf as my health improves, and looking forward to sharing a lot more images and information in the weeks and months to come.

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mark-morrow-profile-onone-web-sqMark Morrow is a practicing Virginia-based photographer and writer specializing in real estate and architectural projects, as well as commercial product and portraiture.

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Windswept Hayfield


Sunset view over the Blue Ridge Parkway, Roanoke VA.

Sunset Hayfield along the Blue Ridge Parkway, Roanoke VA.

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mark-morrow-profile-onone-web-sqMark Morrow is an active photographer based in southwest Virginia with experience in real estate and architectural work, as well as commercial product and portraiture.

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Warmer Days at Bridgewater


We’re having a brisk, 17-degree start this morning here in SW Virginia so I’m finding myself hanging around the warmer folders in the library more than usual today.

Many residents of Pittsylvania, Roanoke and Franklin counties remember when these views were framed with neatly rowed fields of tobacco and corn. After an AEP project to dam the Roanoke River in 1963, Smith Mountain Lake has become a bustling town of it’s own.

In high school back in the late eighties, this area was yet undeveloped and had the feel of a secret spot for weekend boaters, skiers and fishermen. There were only a few options for gas and supplies and they generally closed the doors around 6pm. Now there are seemingly endless options for anything one could need.


While in the area for a real estate project earlier this summer, I promised to take the kids for a swim at Community Park beach. As we made our way, a welcome mid-day storm rolled in to cool us all off. So we ducked-in to Bridgewater Plaza to grab a little lunch and possibly a shot or two.

The area located just across the cove holds many excellent memories of skiing and knee-boarding the glassy coves with some of my best friends. None can believe or could have ever imagined this place would explode as it has in the last decade. And certainly no one can blame folks for coming.

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Grazing Gold


Located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway atop the nine-mile climb out of the Roanoke Valley, headed south towards the Floyd County highlands. Many folks who make the daily commute are well-familiar with this view, and the small family cemetery located just out of frame at camera-right.


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