In for a Landing

R/C Pilot Vic Ingraham, Roanoke VA
R/C Pilot Vic Ingraham, Roanoke VA

Last weekend I happened upon this kind gentleman as he was unloading a rather large remote-controlled (R/C) glider from his vehicle.  His name is Vic Ingraham and he lives and works here in the Roanoke Valley.  I was curious if he would be opposed to my filming his launch (and what I could of his flight) with a GoPro-mounted Dji Phantom. More than interested to oblige, we quickly set up to shoot his take-off.

To do so, Vic firmly tosses the craft upward and forward, and engages a small electric motor to assist in climbing to altitude. He then turns off the motor and soars freely, sometimes for hours on end.

I’ll have more on my experience with the Dji Phantom in an upcoming post.  Here’s a short clip of Vic’s launch and surrounding scenery.

After roughly ten minutes of flight, having attempted in vain to chase Vic down with no FPV (first-person view) source, I decided to bag the quad and grab the camera as Vic was approaching to land.

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